Why I am running                                

In the Spring and Summer of 2017 I was part of the Trans Alliance along with several other leaders from around the state, a committee formed to defend the transgender community of all ages and walks of life against the discriminatory bills SB3 and SB6. The so-called 'bathroom bills'. Parents began telling me stories about their child enduring bullying in their schools from other children and an occasional uninformed staff member. Adults and families shared stories of the cruelty they endured from parishioners of the church they have attended for years. Members of the LGBTQ community started sharing their stories of bigotry and harassment fueled by the actions of our own Texas legislative body.    

During my time at the capitol I testified before the Senate Affairs Committee twice and spoke with several legislators who were either for or against the bills. I did not like how I saw my representatives treating constituents. Especially our youngest citizens. Their disrespect and disregard for the lives and stories of Texans was reprehensible. I witnessed how our state was being portrayed in the media. I questioned where the common sense had gone in our Texas government. I witnessed that a large majority of issues were either ‘white’ or ‘black’, right or wrong depending on which side of the isle you were standing on. I saw no compromise, conversation or any intention to actually listen and understand the damage this legislation was inflicting on Texas citizens. I was almost ashamed to call myself a Texan. A label I have proudly held since birth. But of course I realized that these lawmakers trying to pass this discriminatory legislation did not represent all Texans. I saw leaders from all walks of life standing up for all minority communities. It was inspiring. Then I began to study and learn about education, immigration, healthcare and other issues we face. The only conclusion I could come to is that common sense has left our great state. And I want to help bring it back.  

  When I was first approached to run I actually laughed it off. I thought they were kidding. But when others began to ask if I would be interested I began to take it seriously. I began seeking counsel, speaking with my wife and family and prayed quite often on the subject. The answers I received from everyone convinced me that this is the right thing to do. I committed myself to my community in 2010 and I hope to continue that work in a larger scope. I hope to bring my voice and ideas on several other fronts for all citizens of Texas.



I want to be a part of the blue wave that will take our great state back and bring Common sense back for all Texans. 

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